9th February 2016

Conditions of Hire

Conditions of Hire Storeys Vehicle Hire

Please carefully read the conditions of hire as they contain information about potential additional cost that a vehicle hirer may incur.


All required information must be submitted when placing a booking with us on our website.  When Storeys receives your on-line booking request, we will go over it and ensure all details are acceptable, your booking request doesn’t become a confirmed booking until our confirmation email has been sent to you.  So please ensure that all details are accurate and valid, including the e-mail address and a phone number we can contact you on if necessary.  At this point we will send out a confirmation e-mail to confirm all the details you have provided have been accepted. We reserve the right to refuse hire based on the details provided if we see fit. If this is a business hire then we can accept the company card as payment, but only if it for business use.


Very occasionally it will not be possible for the selected vehicle to be dropped off at the agreed time as complications could arise causing no one to be present for collection. In this case, a member of staff will contact you to suggest another time or for you or to collect/return the vehicle to your local branch. No additional charges will be made to you if you stick to the new agreed time. If the vehicle drop off time cannot be agreed then collection, by us, of the vehicle can be arranged at a reduced cost.


In some case pre authorisation from your credit/debit card will be required. The vehicle excess, £1000, will be charged in advance and act as a deposit. This deposit will be returned as long as all fees, charges, etc. have been paid. Any vehicle returned without a full fuel tank will be charged at £1.60 per litre +VAT as well as a £5 fee to arrange the refuelling.

DRIVERS Drivers must provide a current and acceptable UK drivers licence which you must have held for a minimum of 24 months with NO more than 6 points. Please call us before you book a vehicle if you have over 6 points or have ever been disqualified. As well as bringing a valid driving licence addition proof of identification and address is required i.e. passport, utility bill (no older than 60 days), etc. Please note, phone bills and bank statements are not acceptable forms of identification or address. Your driving licence consists of two parts; a photo driving license and an online counterpart. For us to view your online counterpart a code is required, go to https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence for details on how to provide this code. Failure to do so will result in a £10 admin charge and we will either have to contact the DVSA to ensure you are qualified to drive or help locate your code where possible, if neither can be done a cancellation fee will be issued at 50% of you booking.

Unless the hirer can arrange his/her own insurance cover, they must be between the ages of 25 and 75. Only drivers who have been preapproved at the booking are allowed to drive the vehicle. Please note; if a driver has had their insurance cover cancelled, declined, renewal refused or have special terms imposed as a result of claims experience then they will not be allowed to hire a vehicle.


A maximum of 4 additional drivers can be selected to drive the vehicle as long as there details are provided with the booking or if agreed on collection. The cost of these drivers will be charged at £10 per driver per 24 hour period. Please note that if a 24 hour period begins it will be charged as a full 24 hours unless otherwise agreed in writing on the booking. Also note that the hirer is responsible for any damaged incurred whether or not it was them or an additional driver.


Storeys hire period is a period starting when you collect the vehicle and then each 24hr period after that until it is returned. Early returns can be arranged, but must be within business hours. Once one 24hr period ends and the other starts this will be charged as a separate day this means collection at 8am and drop off at 9am the next day would be billed as two days, if you are running a little late, or can’t make the original time, late drop off is available as long as you book this in advance.


For standard daily van hire you will get a 200 miles allowance per day and for standard weekly van hires you will get a 1000 miles allowance per week. If you plan to do more than this then it is advised you alert us of this when booking otherwise your deposit may be at risk or the excess mileage could be charged.


Credit/Debit card details are required in order to make a booking as the £1000 deposit is required electronically, this card will be charged in the event of a cancelation. It will also be charged in the event of a vehicle being damaged whilst in your possession, any damage that isn’t covered by insurance due to negligence, dangerous driving etc. then the full cost of repair will be charged to your card.


All hire vehicles are supplied with comprehensive insurance but are subject to excess, reduced excess can be arranged prior to vehicle hire if the collision damage waiver has been selected. Hire vehicles are subject to £1000 insurance excess.  The insurance excess charge is taken initially as a deposit but will be returned to the hirer of the vehicle as long as our terms have been met. In the event of any damage, charges, fines, etc occurring during the hire period, your deposit is at risk as well as additionally charges if the damage isn’t covered by the insurance.  In the event of any damage to the hire vehicle you must notify us immediately, first by phone and then in writing ASAP. Please note, that any damage to the overhead height to any of the vehicles will be charged to the credit/debit card for the full repairing costs regardless of whether the collision damage waiver has been purchased.


The hirer can opt to purchase a collision damage waiver at a cost as detailed in the booking reservation. When a CDW (collision damage waiver) is purchased, it will reduce the insurance excess from £1000 to £500.  Please note that goods in transit are not covered by the insurance supplied.  Exceptions to the CDW are any overhead height damage, glass damage, tyre/wheel damage, driving without due care and attention or if the hirer has shown negligence and dangerous driving in any of our vehicles.  All costs incurred by us because of the above exceptions will either be taken from the deposit or when necessary charged directly to the hirers credit/debit card they used when the booking was made.


The hirer is liable for all damage to the hire vehicle until fault has been identified by insurance companies involved. It is also the hirer whom is liable for negligent damage for example damage to any of the vehicles windows or mirrors, tyre damage in any way, aerials, light lenses, damage to seats, interior damage etc. Any damage however minor must be reported, any damage rectified without the permission of a qualified Storeys Vehicle Hire staff member will breach our terms which may result in loss of deposit. If this damage isn’t covered by our insurance and has been carried out then the cost of all repairs required as well as a full service will be charged to the hirer.


If somehow the keys are lost or misplaced then a driver will be sent to drop the replacement key off. The costs of this as well as replacing the key will be deducted from your deposit or if need be directly to your card.


The hirer is responsible ensuring the correct fuel is used in our vehicles, failure to do so will require the hirer to pay for the repairs to be done.


Should you wish to cancel your booking then you must contact us as soon as possible and we will confirm via email that your booking has been cancelled. If this is done with more than 72 hours’ notice it will incur a 50% cancellation fee. However, if we receive your request to cancel with less than 72 hours’ notice no refund will be given.


Goods Vehicles must not be overloaded under any circumstances and it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure this does not happen. Heavy fines can be imposed by various government bodies if this is not followed; all fines will payable by the hirer.


Failing to report any accidents, whether apparent damage occurs or not, will result in the hirer becoming liable for any resulting claims. Whenever an incident occurs no matter how minor failing to report it to us will breach our terms.


If the vehicle is not returned in the same condition it left in then a minimum clean out charge of £10 will be applied at our discretion. Please also note that if animal hair, food or drink found in our vehicles then a full valet maybe require at your expense.


Any required extension to the hire period must be notified immediately to the local office to ensure the insurance cover is extended.


It is the hirer’s responsibility, to pay all relevant charges such as; the congestion charges, DART (Dartford-Thurrock river crossing), toll charges, parking and speeding offence fines incurred by a driver during the rental period.  If we receive notification of any unpaid fines then we will automatically charge the cost of the fine plus an additional £40.00 +VAT per offence admin charge to the card used when booking.


We will try our best to ensure the vehicle you requested is available for the times you have booked it. However, occasionally it will not be available in which case one of the same vehicle group or above will be provided at no extra cost to you.  In addition, we cannot guarantee a specific colour of vehicle.


If it is required we can arrange for the vehicle to be dropped off and collected, however this will be an additional charge dependent on location. In both cases the drop off/collection location must have a safe and legal place to park with adequate room to perform a vehicle check, failure to do so will mean no checks will be done until the vehicles return to the local depot. If when we get back we notice any damage the relevant charges will be made to the credit/debit card provided when booking. When collection is required please note the driver will be responsible for the vehicle 12 hour prior to the end of their hire agreement. Collections outside of business hours ‘9:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri’ will need to be agreed prior to the booking to be possible.


we are very confident, that the service we provide is of the highest standard and that your hire vehicle will be satisfactory.  However, should you wish to make a complaint, then you must do so via e-mail within 21 working days from the end day of your hire period. Once your complaint has been received we will begin investigating and will try to respond within 7 working days. Please note, that any complaint received outside of the 21 working days, cannot be accepted.


The hire vehicle must only be driven by a preauthorised driver. Any authorised driver must not:

  • use the vehicle for hire or reward;
  • have had more than one accident in the past 3 years
  • have been convicted of an offence in connection with driving a motor vehicle or motorcycle. This includes being suspended or having more than 6 points imposed on your license.
  • use the vehicle for any illegal purpose;
  • use the vehicle for racing, pacemaking, testing the vehicle reliability and speed, or teaching someone to drive;
  • be engaged wholly or partly in professional entertainment or professional sports persons, this includes jockeys or any persons connected with a racing sport
  • be an undergraduate and/or students under the age of 25
  • use the vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • drive the vehicle outside England, Scotland and Wale unless we have given you written permission to do so;
  • load the vehicle beyond the manufacturer’s maximum weight recommendations and make sure that the weight is secured safely,